Vanishing Point – 1971

Vanishing Point – 1971

Imagery: grey strip of asphalt in the desert, a bright blue sky and a white sportscar, strong as a bull sweeping by…

The main protagonist, Kowalski is a bitter veteran, a sacked cop and former motorbike and car racer.

The storyline: a car needs to be delivered from Denver to San Francisco on its own four wheels, within a tight deadline. The story quickly turns into a car chase, although we never really find out why… Anyway, soon our hero is being chased by police from several states (mostly using 1968 Dodge Polaras).

It’s an unusually simple set of tools from a Hollywood movie. And yet the movie is a classic. While it has never been as popular as some other road movies and when first screened, it was far from being a blockbuster, it has, nevertheless, slowly become a cult movie. The car chase scenes are spectacular, even by today’s standards.

Besides the gloomy story or perhaps in spite of it – the movie has a lot to thank the other main protagonist for, the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. It was in 1970 that Dodge introduced their own pony car coupe, which was offered with a wide range of motors from the 226 cu in straight 6 to the 426 cu in HEMI. This car was only in production for 3 years before it became a legend.

4 cars were used up in the movie (three 440 six-packs and a 426 HEMI), but at the end it was a Camaro that was smashed to pieces at the police road block, God knows why…


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