The Adventure of Ford Fairlane – 1990

The Adventure of Ford Fairlane – 1990

Detective Ford Farlaine is so cool that – being an insider in the music business – he only takes on assignments from famous bands, pop- and rockstars. ford is more than just a private detective:

Ford Farlaine is a rock’n’roll detective with a rockabilly hairstyle who investigates the circumstances of a heavy metal singer’s spectacular murder.

In the middle of it he gets into trouble with a crazy killer, an empty-headed chick, a couple of jerk popstars and his needy secretary, as well as with a long serving cop with aspirations to become a popstar. Despite being a cool guy Ford Farlaine’s world is shaken by the events that soon follow…

What else would he be driving than a Ford Fairlane… The full size model produced in the model years 1957 to 1959 was the only one within the Ford group with a retractable hardtop. A brochure from its production era said, this “world’s only” technology would revolutionize the industry by offering a 2-in-1 car. The Ford Fairlane was supposed to be the first ever mass-produced car in this segment at an affordable price using a cheap V8 engine. This, however, was only true as far as its cheapness was concerned: the first retractable hardtop 2-in-1 car was produced by Peugeot shortly before World War II. But as for mass production it’s true to say that almost 50,000 of them rolled off  the production line.

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