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1967 Chrysler Imperial

Make: Chrysler
Model: Imperial Crown Coupe
Year: 1967
Engine: V8 440 cui (7,2 l)
Transmission: 3 speed – automatic
Performance: 350 HP
Acceleration: 11,7 mp (0-60 MPH)
Price: EUR 22.900

An outstanding representative of the premium class of American cars is for sale…

Chrysler’s top-of-the-line model of its era

that combined the ambience of the 60’s with the features of the millennium.

We bought this beast in L.A. ourselves. That’s where it had spent its past 50 years before it was renewed by our workshop. We found it in the so-called “California patina” state, so we only had to carry out some minor repairs.
The features of the car could actually challenge the millennial years: 2-zone air conditioning, everything is electrically adjustable and working properly… but – thank God! – its engine evokes the Sixties: 440 cubic inches V8 with 350 horsepower and a torque of 650 Nm (!!!!!). Of course you don’t need more than 3 speeds in the automatic gears…

Even Jay Leno could only talk about this vehicle in superlatives:


And you know what’s best about it? It could be yours within a couple of weeks 🙂

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!


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