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1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro RS
Year: 1967
Engine: V8 329 cui (5,4 l)
Transmission: 4 speed – automatic
Performance: 375 HP
Acceleration: 7,9 mp (0-60 MPH)
Price: ask for offer

GM´s answer to the successful new car from Ford (which created a new class, the pony cars) debuted in the fall of 1966. However, mass production of the Camaro did not begin until 1967. Meaning that this beauty comes from the first model year of the first generation.

Matching the muscle car trend of the late 60’s, the car is characterized by a wonderful coke bottle design. Its power plant is a “small-block”, which, despite its name offers 275 HP at a torque of 500 Nm.

The hidden headlights, the chrome bumpers and the thick boots are an optical confirmation of the performance this car is capable of.

After more than 50 years, this beautiful piece hasn´t lost one bit of its magic, thanks to the California climate where it resided since its introduction, until we found it and brought it to you.

The car is in stock and waiting just for you…



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