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1966 Ford Mustang

Make Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 1966
Engine: V8 289 cui (4,7 L)
Transmission: 3 speed – automatic
Performance: 225 HP
Acceleration: 7,3 sec (0-60 MPH)
Price: SOLD


The classic year of a classic American car…

If you’re talking about American cars in Europe you just can’t skip the Mustang. This is the model that created a new class (pony cars) at a time (the 60’s) when the car industry in America was at its peak.
It had major roles in numerous movies (James Bond – Goldfinger, Bullitt…) and became extremely popular since it provided the careless experience of modern driving at an affordable price, especially for young people.
We found this beautiful, classic specimen in L.A. Quite typically for America, they’ve made some minor changes  compared to its factory state and it has also been subject to a minor renovation lately.
The 289 cu in V8 produces a beautiful hum under the hood, bringing the 225 HP through the 3-speed automatic transmission to the back wheels, all this at a torque of 414 Nm. You really need to be careful when stepping on the gas not to make its behind dance… Pure power…

A real Sixties experience… it turns people’s heads, you get smiling people at the gas station asking about it…



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