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Drive your movie – YOU can be the hero behind the wheel

Ever had the feeling, when you just came out of the cinema but the film hasn’t really ended? You feel like it still goes on inside you…Better said WITH you… Like YOU are the star of the story…

You get in your car and the car chase begins again. But this time with YOU! You see your shoes- like you saw the ones from the actor just minutes ago-while you are pushing the pedal to the metal and you see the close-up shot of your car, but it’s not the grey Focus you entered in the garage, it’s the fiery red Mustang from the movie… and you realize, that this car saved the world just minutes ago in the cinema…


Well, this is the right place for you and no, you are not alone…

Aston Martin, Bluesmobile, De Lorean, Bullit, Batmobil, General Lee, Stripped Tomato, K.I.T.T., Elenor… these are only the main ones. But I think you know that black 1965 Lincoln Continental from ,,The Matrix’’, or the 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible from ,,Rain Man’’. Oh, and how could we forget Thelma and Louise’s 1966, convertible Thunderbird, or Amy’s red 1970 Dodge Challenger in ‘’Bad Moms’’?
While watching that movie, I was thinking, well if a 36-year-old beautiful actress can fall in love with a muscle car which is decades older than her, even though this is a ‘’bad ‘’ habit mostly for men, then it’ time for these machines to be available for everybody.

For the sake of a quick comparison, let’s look at the car you are driving now. For the price of a new compact car, equipped with your regular extras you could enter the world of movie cars. Sure, that money won’t buy you Sean Connery’s Aston (with the ejector seat, of course 😉 ), but a nice, mechanically sound first generation Mustang, either with a bit of patina or renovated could very well fit your budget.

Think about it: What pleases you better? The 4-way electric seats, the heated steering wheel, the rain-controlled wipers, or the 4,7 liter 270 HP V8, tire smoke and the deep, angry engine sound coming from 8 cylinders?

If the latter, then it’s even better, that you looked up our site.

It’s a misconception that these aged cars are only Sunday-cars. Their technical simplicity makes them ageless and turns them into a daily driver. Of course they consume a bit more gas, but it gives you in return a whole other experience, than sitting in a four-wheeled soundlessly moving bubble. Of course, they aren’t meant for salty and muddy roads in the winter (at least if you want to keep ‘em looking nice) but they are absolutely fit for regular use.

If you run into any problems, we will help you. We have 20 years of experience in working on cars, we work with original parts and in our own service station. If you choose the Club-membership, your repairs will be prioritized.

Go watch your favorite movie, with your favorite car in it, browse in the movie category and then click on the dream-configurator. If you have any questions, contact us on social media, give us a call or write an e-mail.

Whatever your dreams might be, tell us. We can deliver the basic models, but we can also transform them so they look like in the movie. The only limit is your wallet, and of course the vehicle authorities…