Knight Rider (1982)

Knight Rider (1982)

Michael Long, Vietnam veteran and police officer is seriously injured in the line of duty in Las Vegas. Nursed back to health by a millionaire benefactor named Wilton Knight he is able to start a new life as Michael Knight.


This is the main storyline of one of the most successful TV-series of the 80’s. David Hasselhoff’s character was of course a fundamental element of this success, but the real protagonist was rather the wondercar K.I.T.T., a vehicle that can easily excel a speed of 200 miles per hour (pursuit mode) or even jump (turbo boost) if it cannot otherwise surmount an obstacle in its way. Most kids/youngsters of the era when the series ran on TV became addicted to watching it and it is a show that enjoys cult status even today.

The Firebird was born in 1967 as one of the pony cars of GM. Its first generation – along with its brother, the Chevy Camaro – was inspired by the 1966-67 GTO.

The second generation produced from 1971 rather belonged to the segment of muscle cars, and GM manufactured it with a wide range of engines.

The third generation, the first model year from which K.I.T.T. came is already a product of an American car industry exhausted by two oil crises. In real life, it never came close to the performance the scriptwriters credited it with.

Regardless of the above and the relatively small cubic capacity, this car with its time-tested, clean lines and light body offers a sporty experience.

It’s a relatively rare model, but not too expensive.

Even in a world of navigation systems and Siri it makes your heart skip a beat, especially if you grew up with the series. Even if it hasn’t been converted into K.I.T.T., you can still switch on the tape recorder and play “I’ve Been Looking For A Freedom” to help you imagine you’re Michael Knight…

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