48 Hrs. – 1982

48 Hrs. – 1982

This classic featuring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte starts with an uncommon zero setting.

A lowlife oddball cop suffering a midlife crisis reluctantly teams up with a convicted young and handsome criminal. The cooperation between the two opposite characters proves to be a success, and together they catch the suspect, who turns out to be a detective.

This ”harmony of opposites” not only manifests itself in the characters: the protagonist car is a contradiction in itself. An 18 year-old Cadillac DeVille Convertible is a weird sight in the state it is. At the time of its production it was the perfect premium car (this version was produced until 1964) but it became a bit worn-out after all those years. Even its big engine (429 cu in) seems to be coughing under the hood. Yet it is an everlasting piece, just like its owner, Detective Cates.

The car from the movie was actually bought by the rapper and car collector Vanilla Ice at the end of the 90’s. He spent 140,000 dollars on renovating it and is now able to claim that “you can have your dinner from its engine compartment”.

It wouldn’t suit the character of Detective Cates anymore, that is… Of course, he might be over his crisis already and living the life of retired officers with a renovated Cadillac in his garage…

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